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London, November 2015
by gyokko
model Rebecca Tun

© Rebecca Tun | Oct 2015
model Anna Rose
MUA Sara Szpak
edited by Floyd Peters


Model: Valentina_Model_
Photographer: Rebecca Tun
Designer: Kat O’Strophic
MUA: Gillian Stapleton
Post-processing: Nadezhda Vasilenko

Welcome to Gothic and Amazing |www.gothicandamazing.org

“A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.”
― Brigitte Bardot

© Gyokko | Nov 2015
model Rebecca Tun
London, UK

“The beauty of the world which is so soon to perish, has two edges, one of laughter, one of anguish, cutting the heart asunder.”
Virginia Woolf

© Thomas Effinger | June 2015
model Rebecca Tun
at abandoned buildings in Leipzig and Gera, Germany

“I want to emphasize the simple physical truth of things, the absolute primacy of the material life." ― Philip Pullman

© Rebecca Tun | Nov 2015
model: Korbinian Vogt
Munich, Germany

you can write your poetry of movements

figure studies, Paris, Sept 2015
by Mark Haskins
model Rebecca Tun

Rorschach-style monster shadow

At this point, even I thought I was pretty weird. One morgen I woke up and saw the need to make a Rorschach-style monster shadow-selfie around the vertex where the cups cupboard met the fridge – as one does. I saw it as as disembodied type of yogic sunrise meditation.


Today it reminds me of an earlier point in my life when I was only able to express myself through shadows…


“Models. Der Film” – a documentary by Leif Allendorf

This is the trailer for ‘Models. Der Film’, a documentary by Leif Allendorf about four different models living and working in Berlin – Jenny Jane, Melanie Unrau, Nadya Wendt and me. The movie involves interviews and some footage of each model at work. In this version my voice is dubbed into Deutsch. Continue reading

sweet fifteenhttps://embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

sweet fifteen by Rebecca Tun

Via Flickr:

© Rebecca Tun | August 2015 . model: Esther . Cap Benat, France