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Frequenz 17: Aqueous Memory  – model Rebecca Tun – from Eigenfrequenz

“Models. Der Film” – a documentary by Leif Allendorf

This is the trailer for ‘Models. Der Film’, a documentary by Leif Allendorf about four different models living and working in Berlin – Jenny Jane, Melanie Unrau, Nadya Wendt and me. The movie involves interviews and some footage of each model at work. In this version my voice is dubbed into Deutsch. Continue reading

An Interview with Rebecca Tun

An Interview with Rebecca Tun

‘Revenge’ – a very short film by Timur Atalay.
the script isn’t especially my cup of tea but it was interesting to get some practice doing actual lines.
Filmed in Hamburg, Germany | March 2015
Edited by Lucas Witting
Music: Frozen Silence – Sadness

A still from last week’s interview with filmmaker Leif Allendorf for an upcoming documentary about a few models in Berlin. Expected to be completed by Spring next year, so watch this space. My first interview recorded both visually and audibly! Really had to bite the bullet for this one as I am terribly shy.
see: Leif Allendorf on Vimeo