Monthly Archives: September 2014

well one thing’s for sure, these guys have got taste.
the classic studio nude by Gregory Brown is on the front cover of the new French edition of Lighting the Nude – L’éclairage Du Nu – by Steve Luck.
intéressé? ici sur ​​Amazon.
photo © Gregory Brown | 2009
Lofthouse Studio – London, UK

“conducting a cloud concerto”

‘I am of this place…’ © Thornback | Sept 2014
Somerset Coast, UK

“watching over the forest”

© VanEyke | Sept 2014
Weston-super-Mare, UK

‘Beauty in a rotten town’ © Van Eyke | Sept 2014
Weston-super-Mare, UK

nudes with a new twist – an unprecedented foray into textured layers from the great © Eric Kellerman | Aug 2014
Nijmegen, the Netherlands

‘You are the sun that shines throughout my day…’
© Van Eyke | Sept 2014
Weston-super-Mare, UK

conjuring some turbulent weather…
‘The Storm Cometh’ © Thornback | Sept 2014
Somerset, UK

a new edit of an old shot has appeared on the scene today
© Dave Barcs | 2009
Kaz Studio – Essex, UK

more monochrome masterpieces from the master himself
© Eric Kellerman | Aug 2014
Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Yay…featured in New York’s “Clear Nude” Magazine

image © Maxoperandi | Nov 2012
Rushden, UK