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Do you happen to have the shoot of you and your brother? I loved that one .



Here are the links to the two pictures from that shoot that have been shared online by the photographer. 🙂

‘Rebecca Tun the Nun’

‘Casting off the nun’s habit’

this was a fun, simple (or complex? just hackneyed) concept to execute. casting off a bad habit, perhaps.


© Terry L. | Bristol UK – Nov 2014
hair and make-up by me, styling by Terry

‘Rebecca Tun the Nun’

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‘A walk around Bristol with Rebecca Tun’

photographer Tym a.k.a.

TiNY Images

“the plan was simple, just walk around the centre of Bristol and react and shoot what we find. […] Rebecca is a truly awesome model to work with, i just love her looks, she always look like she has something to say and you want to listen.”

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That’s no moon!

‘Once upon a time…’ © Thornback | Sept 2014
Somerset, UK

bird of paradise

© stratographic | Sept 2014
Glasgow, UK

“the seduction of waves”

© VanEyke | Sept 2014
Weston-super-Mare, UK

“having one of my bad hair days”

‘Fire. I’ll Teach You To Burn…’ © Thornback | Sept 2014
Somerset, UK


image for the 2015 Calendar from Riarmato Productions | Sept 2014
King’s Lynn, UK

“shh, I’m concentrating!”

‘Spell Casting’ © Thornback | Sept 2014
Somerset, UK

“conducting a cloud concerto”

‘I am of this place…’ © Thornback | Sept 2014
Somerset Coast, UK