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hello dears

I need to be a nicer person. I’m not going to, but I need to.
crown by Pendulous Threads UK
necklace by JoC et al (at Cambridge, United Kingdom)

but I don’t need to use any stupid manga apps because I already have freakishly neotenous photographic tendencies and an unnatural relationship with light. (at Keflavik International Airport)

© Malcolm Mellon
London, 2010

who needs to spend money on accessories now that you can just use #msqrdapp?
so I decided to #giveitatry and then added a bit of my usual #prismaapp magic to polish it up. #rebeccatun | #amianelfnow? #digitalselfstyling #artyfartyselfie #digitalselfportrait #prismaappart #prismaappfilters #driventoabstraction #redwhiteandblack #msqrdfilters #msqrdappfun #cartoonself #msqrdthenprisma #liferemixed (at Reykjavík, Iceland)

found this lovely spot for a picnic on the way up to Öxarárfoss in the region of Thingy to enjoy some more bitchslappingly cold waterfall sprayage in the last minutes of today’s winter light.

© Paride Odierna | March 2016
model Rebecca Tun
Cheltenham, UK

© Richard Maxim | March 2016
model, styling etc: Rebecca Tun
Blackbarn Studio – Duxford, UK

© Mike Nicoll, ink and pencil – from a shoot in April 2016 – Berlin, Germany
model Rebecca Tun

sometimes you can describe yourself in just a few lines

photo by Jake Istvan, May 2016
Barone studio, Wolverhampton UK
model Rebecca Tun