Monthly Archives: March 2014

just added a new work to Redbubble…
model: Kayleigh Lush
Cambridge, UK
July 2013

‘fizzy mellow’ by Rebecca Tun
…is this ‘cool’, or am I going soft in the head? this photoshop edit is something that happened when I was out in a hut in the wilderness for three days with no interwebs. the photograph is from Ålesund, Norway, in April 2013 with a Leica D-Lux.

“The Swimmer – painted” by Astrid Strahm | acrylics on Canvas 40×60 cm
This is a painting inspired by one of my earliest photos “The Swimmer” featuring my muse Deborah.

Who remembers that drink, tropical fruit juice? This zingy picture from 2009 has made a charming comeback today…someone just bought a 8.0” x 12.0” lustre print. Congrats to my model Acacia.

‘tropical fruit juice’
© Rebecca Tun | November 2009 | model: Acacia | Cambridge, UK | at eveproductions studio

Delighted to announce that the bird is still the word. Someone just bought a 17.1” x 16.0” lustre print of this picture. Well done Elena Tun!

‘the bird is still the word’
© Rebecca Tun | January 2014 | model: Elena Tun | MUA: Annie Daniel | at eveproductions studio, Cambridge, UK

I’ve noticed a theme in some of the prints and cards that people have been buying this week. It must be Spring. This is the Greek goddess Persephone, daughter of Ceres, who was stuck in the Underworld for half the year. The model is Deborah and the picture was taken in my little college room during my Cambridge years where I did spend a lot of time waiting for Spring.

© Rebecca Tun | Autumn 2009 | Cambridge, UK | model: Deborah

This belongs in a series with Ceres.