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You are one gorgeous lady


Do you happen to have the shoot of you and your brother? I loved that one .



Here are the links to the two pictures from that shoot that have been shared online by the photographer. 🙂

how much do you weigh

hahahaha! i have no idea. depends on when I last took a dump.
don’t know whether to find the question cute or twatty but it made me laugh.

We are friends on fb, glad i found you on here, lovely photos, very elegant

hello there, here, and anywhere else we are.
elegant – thank you for saying so. it’s all a clever illusion you see.

I agree the way we can communicate and perceive quite subtle differences in meaning is amazing although I think one of the best aspects of art is room for ambiguity and mystery not everything needs a definitive explanation to be effective. My view on the beginning of communication is perhaps very different from yours, I would say it came before us and at a level we once knew well but struggle now to grasp. When a voice that spoke the universe into existence would talk in the garden at evening.

how romantic! i suppose you mean God (of Christianity and Judaism)?

LOOOVE that buddha pic. Perfect combination of funny, sweet, thought-provoking, sexy and arty. Looks like its done on film camera which gives it extra class. Compliments to the model and tog.

yes it is all those things isn’t it. quite unusual. the photographer is brilliant. and yes it is on film. 🙂


thanks for these

Wow… you have the prettiest accent I’ve heard in a long time. Your voice is almost hypnotic. Plus, it’s always nice to find a fellow Brit. xxx

hehe! jolly good. thank you kindly. i tip my hat to you.
cheerio now!

Thank you for your well considered answers, Some examples, from my life may help, one situation so demoralised me that I don’t think I did anything creative for myself the whole time I worked there. Another place energised me to the point of experimenting in my own time to have more skills to share and I took lots of pictures then. That’s what I mean by satisfying as an artist. Maybe now I’ve explained the question you could share a little about what makes for a good artist experience for you?

Ah, I see what you mean.
The things that energize me to the point of (aesthetic) experimentation are the qualities of sensory or emotional experiences. Then the drive towards artistic satisfaction is the drive to make a true report. I actually haven’t found that demoralizing circumstances keep this phenomenon at bay at all compared to energizing circumstances. Maybe for me morale has nothing to do with (the activation of) my creative drive because I’m introverted. A good artistic experience for me is when I consider myself sufficiently equipped to make the report that my consciousness demands. One of my favourite things about the universe is that life evolved perception and communication, meaning that we can express and represent things. It’s pretty cool.

Have you heard about the “tun effect?” Because you’re a German and the word is derived from German and conceived by a German scientist who observed in 1922 a tardigrade or “water bear” creature of an extreme micro size which inhabits soil and mosses. Tardigrades are ancient creatures older than most lifeforms. The “tun effect” is their ability to dessicate or dry their bodies by withdrawing into themselves in order to survive lack of water. But remarkably, they reanimate in the presence of it.

Tardigrades are fascinating lifeforms! I didn’t know it was discovered by a German, nor that their ability with water is called the Tun effect. (I had thought that the name was still available, such that perhaps one day a phenomenon might be named after me – something academic, I always imagined. Oh well. I already share my name with an extremely common verb so I’m used to it.) I am constantly truly astonished and inspired by the variety of life on earth.

On another note, you may be surprised to know that I’m not actually a German. My name looks and sounds like a German word, and I live in Berlin, but that’s the full extent of it. I’m actually a born a bred Brit to the core, as English as afternoon tea. As to my ethnic heritage that’s yet another source of mystery to those who can only rely on guesswork.