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So Long Tumblr, It Was Fun

Just Because You Are Naked ...

Tumblr as a social media platform was a predominantly visual medium. While it supported textual posts, scrolling through your Tumblr feed was a cascade of images created, curated and shared through blogs you followed. Like Instagram, you could scroll through images of your favorite blog. Unlike Instagram, Tumblr’s interface actively encouraged reblogging – allowing others to curate their own collection of favorites and share their curation with others. The joy of Tumblr was discovering new art, artists and bloggers through an ever-expanding circle of like-minded curations of imagery.

One of the things that distinguished Tumblr from Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest was the platform’s lack of censorship. This allowed users to post sexually explicit photos, videos, art or writings. In fact, it was a bit of a running joke that Tumblr was the place to go if you wanted to view porn.

Tumblr, of course, was much more than porn. It…

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a 3D printed nude | entiresia

a 3D printed nude of me by artist entiresia created with digital software and based on a photograph by Lux Faber – 2017