Thank you for your well considered answers, Some examples, from my life may help, one situation so demoralised me that I don’t think I did anything creative for myself the whole time I worked there. Another place energised me to the point of experimenting in my own time to have more skills to share and I took lots of pictures then. That’s what I mean by satisfying as an artist. Maybe now I’ve explained the question you could share a little about what makes for a good artist experience for you?

Ah, I see what you mean.
The things that energize me to the point of (aesthetic) experimentation are the qualities of sensory or emotional experiences. Then the drive towards artistic satisfaction is the drive to make a true report. I actually haven’t found that demoralizing circumstances keep this phenomenon at bay at all compared to energizing circumstances. Maybe for me morale has nothing to do with (the activation of) my creative drive because I’m introverted. A good artistic experience for me is when I consider myself sufficiently equipped to make the report that my consciousness demands. One of my favourite things about the universe is that life evolved perception and communication, meaning that we can express and represent things. It’s pretty cool.

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