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Rebecca and Gestalta languishing under a night sky

Rebecca and Gestalta languishing under a night sky

© Maxoperandi | October 2011
models Rebecca Tun and Gestalta
Rushden, UK

Meadow Ship by EngagingPortraits

Rebecca and Gestalta in another escalating identity crisis down in the woods

a despicable Britishism of the lower body

© Michael Cordiez | Aug 2011
model: Rebecca Tun
Vancouver, Canada

first impressions at a London hotel with Paul MacCionnaith, RIP

© Paul MacCionnaith | 2011
model: Rebecca Tun
London, UK

it was hot

© Gregory Brown | September 2011
model: Rebecca Tun
Lofthouse Studio – London, UK

© Roger Mann / July 2011
model: Rebecca Tun
Holkham Beach, UK

Do you happen to have the shoot of you and your brother? I loved that one .



Here are the links to the two pictures from that shoot that have been shared online by the photographer. 🙂

well look at that…it appears I’ve got my mum on my ass (about this and that), but then again it’s probably just me projecting.
this is from Sept 2011 by © Colin Desir at a studio in Wokingham, London, UK
the photographs on me are some of mine. the camera i’m holding is not one of mine.

woohoo – ‘Portia – the lawyer’ was featured in “Shakespeare’s the word!” on Redbubble
© Rebecca Tun | Jan 2011
model: Jess Barrows
MUA: Hayley Bird
Cambridge, UK


Happy Saturday!
Models: Gestalta and Rebecca Tun
Photo: Rod Macdonald