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photo in pic is by the talented Gyokko



London, November 2015
by gyokko
model Rebecca Tun


Moniasse by Rebecca Tun

Adrian Pini studio - London UK
make-up by Ayeesha Curmoula
December 2014

© Malcolm Mellon
London, 2010

well fancy that. stumbled across this. adding some credits.

© Alvaro Mari-Thompson | http://www.haushinka.org/
model Rebecca Tun
London, UK

“A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.”
― Brigitte Bardot

© Gyokko | Nov 2015
model Rebecca Tun
London, UK

Mary Martin London Fashion Show – David Bowie tribute

A blog post by Elena Tun

We were beyond excited when we were invited to Mary Martin’s fashion show in tribute to David Bowie. We were also curious to see how she would pull it off; few pop and fashion icons are adored and revered as much as Bowie, so it is a difficult inspiration to live up to. Continue reading

Call me, call me on the tellingphone.

Something to look forward to, plus you.

© Tym a.k.a.TiNY Images | Nov 2015
model: Rebecca Tun
London, UK

Oh I see. I can’t believe you’re from the future. If you’re queuing for a creator. LIKE GROW UP.

© Tym a.k.a.TiNY Images | Nov 2015
model: Rebecca Tun
London, UK

withdrew into a calamitous marriage…

© Mint | Oct 2015
model: Rebecca Tun
London, UK