Monthly Archives: May 2015

Hollaback girl…
Raphaella channels Gwen Stefani at our fashion shoot at Sense8Photography Studio in Manchester, UK
© Rebecca Tun | May 2015
styling by Rebecca Tun and Raphaella Withlove

yippee…Raphy shared my picture of her on her instagram.
‘About a Boy’ © Rebecca Tun | May 2015
taken at Sense8Photography Studio – Manchester, UK
styling by Rebecca Tun and Raphaella Withlove

Toby Mulligan in repose.
as if the arty talents weren’t enough already…i found out he plays the gweetar too. well jel.

© Rebecca Tun | 2015

I think Toby likes this handsome portrait I took of him outside his crazy studio in Petersfield, UK
© Rebecca Tun | 2015

one of several rapid ambidextrous studies in Indian ink by virtuosic talent Toby Mulligan as we sat opposite each other amongst a sprawling jungle of paint pots and sketches.
© Toby Mulligan | May 2015 | Petersfield, UK

‘Revenge’ – a very short film by Timur Atalay.
the script isn’t especially my cup of tea but it was interesting to get some practice doing actual lines.
Filmed in Hamburg, Germany | March 2015
Edited by Lucas Witting
Music: Frozen Silence – Sadness

let me shipwreck in your thighs

© Second Glance | November 2014
The Lofthouse Studio – Battersea, London, UK

a bit of lame glamour for those who like that sort of thing 🙂
© Andrew ‘acameraman’ Matthew | May 2015
Paul’s Studio Reading, UK

fire and ice…
© Deborah Eloise | 2015
acrylics on paper

how much do you weigh

hahahaha! i have no idea. depends on when I last took a dump.
don’t know whether to find the question cute or twatty but it made me laugh.