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fire and ice…
© Deborah Eloise | 2015
acrylics on paper

Musée Steve: Rebecca Tun Drawing Gallery

New drawings by Steve Calwas…

“Here is a gallery of recent portrait drawings of model Rebecca Tun.

Rebecca is a figure and portrait model extraordinaire. You might recognize her in many of the earlier posts here. Since the first time I saw her portfolio five years ago, Rebecca’s unique expressive beauty, her intelligence, sexuality, and vulnerable humanity have been haunting inspirations. A rare and valuable contributor to the mysterious and ethereal artist-model relationship. These drawings are the latest output of that relationship.”

Musée Steve: Rebecca Tun Drawing Gallery

making a plaster cast bottom with sculptor Anna Weightman

As my recent fleeting visit to Blighty drew to a close, I had a whim – to suggest to my mother that we make a plaster cast of my rear end. For posterity, if you like. It was an experiment, and a success. It took three attempts. We learned a few things about plaster and bottoms. Anna Weightman generally works in clay to cast in bronze. This is her website.

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a splash of colours from sister Auntie Debby

(c) Deborah Tun, 2013 . coloured pencil . based on a photo by Steve Taylor, Cambridge 2013

(c) Deborah Tun, 2013 . coloured pencil . based on a photo by Steve Taylor, Cambridge 2013

One of my mini sisters, Auntie Debby, is a budding talented artist. In what seems to have been a rapid burst of creative inspiration she recently produced a series of portraits based on photographs, four of which were of me. I love her joyfully liberal yet totally spot-on colour placement and application. And she’s only 15. Such fun! Continue reading