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a sneak peek from my instagram logs…

a #businessman #walkinghome #intherain near #CanaryWharf – #London, #UK | #wetground #city #coolcolours #chasinglight #detail #docklands #evening #motion #november #nothingisordinary #reflection #shiny #shoes #street #shadows #streetphotography #texture #urban #water #urbantexture

© Rebecca Tun | November 2014 | London, UK

shiva and shakti…
© Rebecca Tun | May 2015
model: R

“thy head is a quick forest
 / filled with sleeping birds
a casket
 / of the cool jewel of thy mind” (from e. e. cummings)
© Rebecca Tun | May 2015
model: Jake Chatterton
Manchester, UK

Toby Mulligan in repose.
as if the arty talents weren’t enough already…i found out he plays the gweetar too. well jel.

© Rebecca Tun | 2015

I think Toby likes this handsome portrait I took of him outside his crazy studio in Petersfield, UK
© Rebecca Tun | 2015

hooray – Thor was featured in “About Face: Portrait Masters” on Redbubble
‘Ϸór’ by Rebecca Tun | April 2013
in lamplight. Reykjavík, Iceland.
Canon 350D, 50mm lens

I sold a framed print of ‘pebble on the beach’ 🙂

The sun never goes down in Reykjavík in the summer.
Here’s a little vid portraying a prototypical night on the town in the northernmost capital in the world.
The music is ‘Curling’ by Sykur. An acquaintance who is in the band said I could use the song 🙂

Here’s my second installment of iPhone vid tributes to cool cities. Reykjavík, capital of Iceland, world-class partying town, a considerably cute city on that eccentric island floating in the North Sea. This short musical documentary depicts Reykjavík’s New Year celebrations which they take very seriously (in so far as they take anything seriously).

The music is ‘Reykjavík’ by Sykur. An aquaintance who is in the band said I could use the song 🙂

‘Reykjavík ϸú vekur mig’ means ‘Reykjavík you wake me (up)’.

Having acquired a phone with a video camera, last winter I found myself gathering a sufficiently representative array of footage from my frolickings around Berlin during my first month there. It made for quite a succinct way to answer the question ‘How’s Berlin?’, providing me with a new way to assuage my verbal laziness. A summer one will also occur.

The song is ‘Swedish Snowboard Girl’ by the Icelandic band Sykur. An acquaintance who is in the band said I could use the song 🙂