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Rebecca and Gestalta languishing under a night sky

Rebecca and Gestalta languishing under a night sky

© Maxoperandi | October 2011
models Rebecca Tun and Gestalta
Rushden, UK

© Rebecca Tun | Oct 2015
model Anna Rose
MUA Sara Szpak
edited by Floyd Peters


I wrote the introduction to this fantasy art book by Russ Thornback and also feature a few times in it. Lots of hard work has gone into the creation of this heartfelt conceptual montage. Now we just need to bring it into existence! 

Phantasmagoria. A Fine Art Photography Book. – A hardcover book with over 110 beautiful images inspired by dreams, fantasy, myth, magic and surreal experiences. – http://kck.st/1TxZ6rm

Meadow Ship by EngagingPortraits

Rebecca and Gestalta in another escalating identity crisis down in the woods

Hats off for the liberation of others

© Justin2Justin | March 2013
London, UK

I would simply like to make the following comparison observation. ‘Blue Moon’ by Max Operandi, 2012, and ‘Moon Worship’ by Thornback, 2014.

Certains Rêves se Réalisent

© Sense8 Photography | May 2015
model: Rebecca Tun
Manchester, UK

‘In the Air’ Photo Challenge

So, I just heard from Thornback that one of his images in which I feature won ‘GURU’S TOP PICK AWARD’ in the ‘In the Air’ Photo Challenge on gurushots.com.

Thornback creates wonderfully northerly, billowing, wide-open fantasy landscapes inspired by nature, Northern European folklore and his wild imagination.

It was a privilege for me to participate in the making of some of these images one chilly morning down on the bleak grey Somerset sand in September 2014. The shoot was planned and executed with military precision. I won’t share the secret of how I managed to hover above the water but it didn’t involve hiring my stunt double.

‘In the Air’ Photo Challenge


Rebecca Tun

And most wasps are bees. Nothing to fear.

© somethingwindy | Reykjavík, Iceland | Oct 2013 | stylist Ernesta Vaina

‘weary empress of the ancient cosmos’
© Rebecca Imogen Tun | Dec 2014
model: Moniasse
MUA: Ayeesha

Adrian Pini’s studio
– London, UK

backround: stock night sky by sambees

Canon EOS 5D Mark II / 70mm / 1/125 s / f/8 / ISO 100