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“If you want the girl next door, go next door!” (Joan Crawford)
© Second Glance | Nov 2014
Lofthouse Studio – Battersea, London, UK

a bit of lame glamour for those who like that sort of thing 🙂
© Andrew ‘acameraman’ Matthew | May 2015
Paul’s Studio Reading, UK

I like these simple, homely, friendly and unedited photographs by © Terry L.
The artlessness and lack of artifice is artistic, though not arty, and certainly not artsy.
Bristol, UK | Nov 2014

“The worlds of fashion and fetish industries have always been connected. Nobuyoshi Araki’s black and white photographs of Tokyo’s sex clubs in the 70’s are just as famous as Tim Walker’s fashion campaigns and Helmut Newton’s work would sit comfortably in an issue of Vogue or Playboy magazine. Consequently, the way nudity is presented in fashion advertising has been slowly shifting in the past few years. Nudity is becoming more and more commonplace within the fashion industry. But how far is too far?My project looks into how men are dependant on women to fulfil their sexual needs, because of this they give women the power in these situations. I am looking into how these women empower themselves by using their sexuality and their bodies willingly, to create a career.”

© Natasha Ford | Dec 2014
Jolyons at No.10 – Cardiff, UK
designer: Cheryl C

a girly shoot

Hotel Estherea, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Hotel Estherea, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

When I was in Amsterdam last February, I did a shoot with a lovely lady called Yolande de Kort in a lovely lovely hotel called Hotel Estherea. Here are some iPhone snaps which I took in the lobby. Stained glass on the ceiling. Plants growing indoors. It is the embodiment of feminine happiness. Continue reading