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no love shack for the watering hole.

© Hugh Alison | July 2015
model: Rebecca Tun
Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland

‘In the Air’ Photo Challenge

So, I just heard from Thornback that one of his images in which I feature won ‘GURU’S TOP PICK AWARD’ in the ‘In the Air’ Photo Challenge on gurushots.com.

Thornback creates wonderfully northerly, billowing, wide-open fantasy landscapes inspired by nature, Northern European folklore and his wild imagination.

It was a privilege for me to participate in the making of some of these images one chilly morning down on the bleak grey Somerset sand in September 2014. The shoot was planned and executed with military precision. I won’t share the secret of how I managed to hover above the water but it didn’t involve hiring my stunt double.

‘In the Air’ Photo Challenge

just a simple nude in Norway from an enchanting adventure on a small island one summer in 2014
© uwfa | May 2014
Askerøya, Tvedestrand, Norway

behind the scenes – location scouting at Dyrhólaey

Iceland, summer 2015

photo by Ϸórarinn

exiles – cast from paradise
© Van Eyke | May 2015
models: Rebecca Tun, Diego de Silva
Weston-super-Mare, UK

‘Flying South for the Winter’

© Thornback | Sept 2014
Somerset, UK

The wind was delightedly impressed

‘On top of the world’ © VanEyke | Sept 2014
Weston-super-Mare, UK

whoopeeee, one of my Thornback images won the ‘Half way there’ competition on Purpleport

‘Journey’ © Thornback | Sept 2014
Somerset, UK

“it’s a long walk back…”
‘The lighthouse at the end of the world’ © Thornback | Sept 2014
Somerset, UK

Got this post via the multiverse solution.

“Where the Sea Meets the Sky” © Thornback | Sept 2014
Somerset, UK