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“I give myself such very good advice.”
The Watchers © Thornback | Sept 2014
Somerset, UK

“it’s a long walk back…”
‘The lighthouse at the end of the world’ © Thornback | Sept 2014
Somerset, UK

I went on a road trip up North with my friends, to do a bit of landscape photography. In this context ‘up North’ means to the north-west of Iceland where the coastline is jiggledy jaggledy and so one finds peninsulae. I took these first two pics with a Lensbaby Muse, or as I like to say, my Lenschild Muse, because it can’t be a baby forever (though it is allowed to be a child forever). We stayed in a wooden hut and spent time in various bodies of very hot water, and I learned how to operate a camera without receiving sense data from my fingers.