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you can write your poetry of movements

figure studies, Paris, Sept 2015
by Mark Haskins
model Rebecca Tun

I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn’t find any.

a new tribute by Keephla Kee, 2016

based on a photo by Sven Soares, Berlin 2016

model Rebecca Tun


this is what a hairy girl-leg looks like. #bodyhairlove #bodyhairloveaffair #bodyhairpositive #hairylegsclub #hairylegslife #hairylegstho #hairymodel #notafeministtho #selfstyledmodel

I’m going into a bit of cloth

© Richard Maxim | March 2016
model Rebecca Tun
Blackbarn Studio – Duxford, UK

‘Calm a llama down / Calm a llama deep down / In the ocean blue / Like a barnacle / Sitting in the tight place / Laughing at the monkey arm’

© Rod Macdonald | Feb 2012
model Rebecca Tun
editing by Rebecca Tun

(caption is a quote from The Mighty Boosh)

it tells the story of the creation of the world

© Huw Alison | July 2013
model Rebecca Tun
Snowdonia, Wales

a fun little intro for a film festival in France
directed by Dominik Galizia and Nassim Maoui
cinematography by Greg Blakey
featuring me Rebecca Tun as a well groomed but morally questionable lady, a femme fatale
filmed in Berlin, March 2016


This 15-second video by Simon Smith is for a competition called #MyUnseenCity for people who ride these fold-up bicycles called Bromptons to show a lesser seen side of the city they live in.

In this project I was a cinematography assistant and an actor. You’ll see.

© Simon Smith | Feb 2016
featuring Rebecca Tun
Cambridge, UK

me pink polka-dot jumper

My pink polka-dot jumper is sadly no longer with us – although its remains do live on in tiny pieces, for example in the form of some home-made buttons for which I was on the receiving end of cruel teasing from at least one of my siblings (though not as cruel as the teasing I was subjected to over the actual sweater, during its heyday). These photographs from 2013 by Ronnie The Dux Medal are special because you can see here the origin of the item’s demise – the fraying armpit (which, at the time, provided a convenient viewing window for when I wanted to show people my armpit’s first hairstyle involving the presence of hair).

images © The Dux Medal | May 2013
model, hair, make-up, styling by me
Berlin, Germany

Rorschach-style monster shadow

At this point, even I thought I was pretty weird. One morgen I woke up and saw the need to make a Rorschach-style monster shadow-selfie around the vertex where the cups cupboard met the fridge – as one does. I saw it as as disembodied type of yogic sunrise meditation.


Today it reminds me of an earlier point in my life when I was only able to express myself through shadows…