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the bodypainter by Rebecca Tun

the bodypainter by Rebecca Tun

some details by © Rob Ellis – 2012, Cambridge UK

West #Poland – #train view. #landscape #water #lake #bridge #mist #misty #beautiful #grey #autumn #sombre

‘Flying South for the Winter’

© Thornback | Sept 2014
Somerset, UK

she was a pillar of salt to all of us

© Mark Fiddian | November 2014
at Cre8-Image Studio – Cambridge, UK

You haunt me most when it’s light

© Mark Fiddian | November 2014
at Cre8-Image Studio – Cambridge, UK

“faeries express the hidden, vibrant life of the natural world.” ~ Brian Froud

‘weary empress of the ancient cosmos’
© Rebecca Imogen Tun | Dec 2014
model: Moniasse
MUA: Ayeesha

Adrian Pini’s studio
– London, UK

backround: stock night sky by sambees

Canon EOS 5D Mark II / 70mm / 1/125 s / f/8 / ISO 100

‘infinite jest’

© Rebecca Imogen Tun | Feb 2015
model: Deborah Tun

Cambridge, UK

Do you like using the camera yourself very much? Making up what a picture is going to be about and then getting it to happen or do you prefer to take a more relaxed approach to creating and play with what you discover? You have definitely featured in a wide variety of work, what have you gotten the most satisfaction out of as an artist ?

Hello Garden Man.
I love using the camera myself. I take photographs for fun in my own time. I take the planned approach and the spontaneous approach. I suppose I enjoy the spontaneous approach more, especially during the photographic process because playing with light or the unfolding of candid moments is such a joyful game. But I have to take the planned approach in order to express my made up ideas, which is important. Your last question is difficult to answer…maybe I’ve never been satisfied ‘as an artist’! My best is never good enough, either behind or in front of the camera. But that’s good. 🙂