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dark pixie panther | Gerard Chillcott


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There is no reason for fear. your death has already been chosen for you by powers quite beyond your control.


captured by the truly intrepid @gchillcott, February 2019
Sevenoaks, Kent


…I think i’m quite at Cambridge.

Hearing music with subtitles on “I’m Mister Coffee” with Martin Luther King’s “I have a bath”. Too utopian perhaps, but on the toilet I’m going to be prepared to meet inspiration halfway.

‘CBA to Sleep’ read by my Madame Bovary is a breath of special treat.

‘Wittgenstein’s Ladder’ by David Hasselhoff ❤ sounds like a snail who keeps farting and blaming it on Mark Zuckerberg in the seats of doom at an internet cafe in an escalator in with an itty bitty neck.

Fascinating. *does the Spock Sundae*.

Rorschach-style monster shadow

At this point, even I thought I was pretty weird. One morgen I woke up and saw the need to make a Rorschach-style monster shadow-selfie around the vertex where the cups cupboard met the fridge – as one does. I saw it as as disembodied type of yogic sunrise meditation.


Today it reminds me of an earlier point in my life when I was only able to express myself through shadows…


still life with movementhttps://embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

still life with movement by Rebecca Tun

Via Flickr:

© Rebecca Tun | winter 2013 . Reykjavík, Iceland . Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Meadow Ship by EngagingPortraits

Rebecca and Gestalta in another escalating identity crisis down in the woods

“Every artist is a cannibal, every poet is a thief,
all kill their inspiration and sing about their grief." – The Fly, U2

© Yashima Mishto | Oct 2015
Berlin, Germany

East Berlin Weinachtsmarkt – or The Claws of the Billowing Abyss

So, we went to the Christmas Market on the rooftop of Neukölln Arkaden. It was soggy, icy and lame. It was in fact so underwhelming that I was overwhelmed with inspiration and made this quick atmospheric video about it. I’d like to present this as a tiny tiny tribute to David Foster Wallace for his descriptions of the ‘nausea’ of depression in Infinite Jest.

‘infinite jest’

© Rebecca Imogen Tun | Feb 2015
model: Deborah Tun

Cambridge, UK

© Rebecca Imogen Tun | Feb 2015
model: Deborah Tun
Cambridge, UK


‘Princess Piggy’

© Rebecca Tun | 2014
a self portrait. an experiment in self-expression.
my tiara has marshmallows on.