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“Models. Der Film” – a documentary by Leif Allendorf

This is the trailer for ‘Models. Der Film’, a documentary by Leif Allendorf about four different models living and working in Berlin – Jenny Jane, Melanie Unrau, Nadya Wendt and me. The movie involves interviews and some footage of each model at work. In this version my voice is dubbed into Deutsch. Continue reading

Mary Martin London Fashion Show – David Bowie tribute

A blog post by Elena Tun

We were beyond excited when we were invited to Mary Martin’s fashion show in tribute to David Bowie. We were also curious to see how she would pull it off; few pop and fashion icons are adored and revered as much as Bowie, so it is a difficult inspiration to live up to. Continue reading

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Tj6oTwVoLI)

“Models. Der Film” – the trailer

a documentary by Leif Allendorf

An Interview with Rebecca Tun

An Interview with Rebecca Tun

An Interview with Rebecca Tun

An Interview with Rebecca Tun

Wow… you have the prettiest accent I’ve heard in a long time. Your voice is almost hypnotic. Plus, it’s always nice to find a fellow Brit. xxx

hehe! jolly good. thank you kindly. i tip my hat to you.
cheerio now!

It probably sounds obvious, but I guess I’d say that focusing on creating your own style is really important, and making work that people will recognize as yours. I think that with the amount of incredible art out there, combined with social media, it’s easy for young illustrators and artists to almost see too much, and end up feeling overwhelmed and confused about what they want to achieve with their own work. I find that sometimes it helps to stay away from the Internet, and focus on why you love making art in the first place.


She can smile and she will explain Wittgenstein’s philosophy in three sentences: Rebecca Tun in my upcoming documentary about models in Berlin. Stay tuned…

another still from Leif’s interview for the documentary.

A still from last week’s interview with filmmaker Leif Allendorf for an upcoming documentary about a few models in Berlin. Expected to be completed by Spring next year, so watch this space. My first interview recorded both visually and audibly! Really had to bite the bullet for this one as I am terribly shy.
see: Leif Allendorf on Vimeo


I have an interview in the webzine JUNNNKTANK with 3 n’s. Warning: involves words.

Article includes images by: Artco, Dan Fehr, Malcolm Mellon, Markus Henttonen, and Richard Maxim.

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