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‘By / Product’ art nude book by Mike Nicoll

New art book alert!

Do you collect art books?

I’m on lots of pages in Mike Nicoll’s new book ‘By / Product‘.  How many times can you spot me? I’m honoured to be depicted there alongside many fantastically expressive models photographed in Mike’s characteristically dramatic style with motion blur creating sensuous, ephemeral dark moods.


I wrote the introduction to this fantasy art book by Russ Thornback and also feature a few times in it. Lots of hard work has gone into the creation of this heartfelt conceptual montage. Now we just need to bring it into existence! 

Phantasmagoria. A Fine Art Photography Book. – A hardcover book with over 110 beautiful images inspired by dreams, fantasy, myth, magic and surreal experiences. – http://kck.st/1TxZ6rm

it is it

© Han Boersma | May 2014
model: Rebecca Tun
Arnhem, the Netherlands

pics from a polaroids book ‘Naked Woman’ – edited by Alan Marcheselli & Carmen Palermo

I’m on the front and bum of Keith Brighouse’s latest book of erotic, philosophical poems about the artist and his muses.

book photos taken by Keith Brighouse in Rotterdam, the Netherlands – April 2015

photos of me with the book taken today in Cambridge by Deborah

well one thing’s for sure, these guys have got taste.
the classic studio nude by Gregory Brown is on the front cover of the new French edition of Lighting the Nude – L’éclairage Du Nu – by Steve Luck.
intéressé? ici sur ​​Amazon.
photo © Gregory Brown | 2009
Lofthouse Studio – London, UK