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the magic of autumn

Here are some images from one occasion in November when Gerard and I ventured into the woods to explore the mysterious magic of autumn.

For me autumn has a power like that of spring – a painful magic that awakens memories of previous cycles in a way that only reality (as opposed to imagination) can. Unlike summer and winter which invite me to forget, autumn and spring invite me to remember. These images convey many different feelings, as I try to hold onto life before the plunge into winter…


By the way, these images are available to buy as prints, postcards and some other slightly silly things from Redbubble. Just follow the link in each image caption. Or check out the collection here. 🙂

protection in the forest

protection in the forest

by Stefano Giorgi, May 2014
model Rebecca Tun
Pavia, Italy

“Moods, like most adaptations, developed in species that had neither language nor culture. Yet words are the first things that come to mind when most people think about moods.” – Rottenberg – The Depths

© Stefano Giorgi | May 2014
model Rebecca Tun
Pavia, Italy

a different path by imagesse

Now would be a bad time to tickle me under the arms.

© Thomas Bichler | June 2015
model: Rebecca Tun
Elbsandstein mountains – Saxony, Germany

simbiosa 2016

The next calendar by Thomas Bichler is ready. Featuring Lulu Lockhart​, Rubia Stri​, Romi Muse…and me dangling from precipices in April and October.

simbiosa 2016

Great to see an 8-page spread of Thomas Bichler’s art nudes in nature in the latest issue of Belgian Ché magazine including a double page spread (no pun intended) of me from just a few weeks ago in the marvellous Elbsandstein mountains.

(One of my favourite photos by Thomas is the one just above me of Fredau in perfect, magical pose chanelling forest energy.)

images © Thomas Bichler | June 2015
model: Rebecca Tun
Elbsandsteingebirge – Saxony, Germany

on Thomas Bichler’s blog: http://thomas-bichler.com/che-magazine-belgium/

#lichtstrahl + #cobwebs #intheforest – the #waldlicht of the #elbesandstonemountains region at the #SächsischeSchweiz #nationalpark / #sächsischeschweiznationalpark / #bohemianswitzerlandnationalpark / #bohemianswitzerland between #Dresden and the #Czechborder in #Germany / #Deutschland | #chasinglight #catchinglight #daylight #elbsandstein #elbsandsteingebirge #forestlife #forestspirit #lensflare #lightplay #lichtspiel #leafycanopy #waldschönheit #rayofsunlight #etherealhaze (at Sachsen, Germany)

the sweet escape… / ‘Anguish’ by © Conrad Webb | December 2014 | Windmill Art Studio – Linton, UK / “A foray into surreal work with the collaboration & photoshop technical assistance of Mr John Taylor.”

“watching over the forest”

© VanEyke | Sept 2014
Weston-super-Mare, UK