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it tells the story of the creation of the world

© Huw Alison | July 2013
model Rebecca Tun
Snowdonia, Wales

Great to see an 8-page spread of Thomas Bichler’s art nudes in nature in the latest issue of Belgian Ché magazine including a double page spread (no pun intended) of me from just a few weeks ago in the marvellous Elbsandstein mountains.

(One of my favourite photos by Thomas is the one just above me of Fredau in perfect, magical pose chanelling forest energy.)

images © Thomas Bichler | June 2015
model: Rebecca Tun
Elbsandsteingebirge – Saxony, Germany

on Thomas Bichler’s blog: http://thomas-bichler.com/che-magazine-belgium/

© Thomas Bichler | June 2015

Elbsandstein mountains – Saxony, Germany

“The nomadic gatherer-hunters live in an entirely sacred world. Their spirituality reaches as far as all of their relations. They know the animals and plants that surround them and not only the ones of immediate importance. They speak with what we would call “inanimate objects,” but they can speak the same language. They know how to see beyond themselves and are not limited to the human languages that we hold so dearly. Their existence is grounded in place, they wander freely, but they are always home, welcome and fearless.” – KEVIN TUCKER, Against Civilization

On Thomas Bichler’s blog: http://thomas-bichler.com/elbe-sandstone-mountains-and-rebecca-tun/