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Enigma’s music video for Sadeness (Part II)

“All your life /
You’ve been waiting to be free /
Trade your pride for ecstasy /
That’ll make you /
Reach the sky” – Sadeness (Part II)

Last August I acted in a music video for the band Enigma‘s new song Sadeness (Part II). The song was released in October.

What do you think? …I’ve noticed both the song and the music video have had mixed reactions from hardcore fans. I don’t know how to to talk about music, so I won’t say anything about the song. Some fans have asked if there’s a version of the video without pixelated-private-parts. Well I haven’t come across one. I guess I could start claiming that that’s actually just what I look like naked.

The story in the music video has two characters – a dark, brooding monk and a mysterious seductive woman. You’ll notice that I played the latter. At first the mysterious woman is a luring temptress.

The monk takes her to his decadent den of dark desires.

Now the woman is a prisoner.

There is some inevitable running away and chasing.

And an ultimate fight between good and evil.

And in the end, it turns out…well, I shouldn’t spoil it. So I guess you should just watch the video.

© 2016 Baloo Music S.A., under exclusive license to Polydor/Island, a division of Universal Music GmbH Continue reading


Model: Valentina_Model_
Photographer: Rebecca Tun
Designer: Kat O’Strophic
MUA: Gillian Stapleton
Post-processing: Nadezhda Vasilenko

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© Rebecca Tun | Nov 2015
model: Valentina L’Abbate
make-up: Gillian Stapleton
dress by Kat O’ Strophic
studio: Eddie Kavanagh, Dublin, Ireland

Michail Jarojov’s jewellery and accessory designs, a.k.a. Mjaro Boutique, are intricate, symbolic, sometimes geometrical and sometimes sensual, and in his own words, philosophical. I discovered his work online and we arranged to shoot these pieces in London with photographer Eric Schneider. Make-up artist Asta Gost designed the heavy, forlorn gothic countenance to go with the look.

© Eric Schneider | Nov 2014 | London, UK

I went to London in Novmber to shoot some suity, hatty fashion with photographer Eric Schneider. With help from stylist Michail Jarojov and make-up artist Asta Gost. More to follow.

© Eric Schneider | Nov 2014 | London, UK