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I took a time machine to the 70s to get high in a little brown London flat.
(I didn’t really have a time machine or get high (honestly) and I wasn’t in a London flat. You can credit the uncanny authenticity of these photos to Big Shot Studio’s nostalgic set design, my wishful-thinking-fuelled acting skills and Stanmore’s impossible polaroid camera.)

© Simon Stanmore | Nov 2015
model: Rebecca Tun
Big Shot Studio – Leighton Buzzard, UK

withdrew into a calamitous marriage…

© Mint | Oct 2015
model: Rebecca Tun
London, UK

© Deborah Tun | Feb 2015

expression studies in biro


She can smile and she will explain Wittgenstein’s philosophy in three sentences: Rebecca Tun in my upcoming documentary about models in Berlin. Stay tuned…

another still from Leif’s interview for the documentary.

“this is my sister this is”
models Rebecca Tun and Elena Tun
© Luke Fenech | Sept 2014
MUA: Graziella Vella
London, UK


unbenannt by universal76 on Flickr.

unnamed portrait (of Rebecca)
Cambridge, UK
winter 2012