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“The pursuit”
Model: Rebecca @rebeccatun

“winds howl in rage
with no leaves to blow.”

- Soseki Natsume

© Henri Senders – Sept 2016
Rebecca Tun
Eersel, the Netherlands

I’m going into a bit of cloth

© Richard Maxim | March 2016
model Rebecca Tun
Blackbarn Studio – Duxford, UK

…but I’m trying on hats.

© Mike Brown | Nov 2015
Platform 3 Studio – Cork, Ireland
wet plate collodion

I took a time machine to the 70s to get high in a little brown London flat.
(I didn’t really have a time machine or get high (honestly) and I wasn’t in a London flat. You can credit the uncanny authenticity of these photos to Big Shot Studio’s nostalgic set design, my wishful-thinking-fuelled acting skills and Stanmore’s impossible polaroid camera.)

© Simon Stanmore | Nov 2015
model: Rebecca Tun
Big Shot Studio – Leighton Buzzard, UK

I think I’m having a bit of trouble with my lifestyle…

© stratographic | Sept 2014
Glasgow, UK

Spanish hooker called Dayanara

© shadowshow | 2009 | Kettering, UK

time flies like a naughty kitty

My sister Elena Tun recently started modelling. In her style she couldn’t be more different from me; classic, ladylike, and immaculately glamorous with a penchant for the traditional and the retro. On more than on occasion we’ve enlisted the help of our  make-up artist Hollie Berry who is also an impressive hair stylist and style advisor.

(c) Rebecca Tun . Cambridge, UK . October 2012

(c) Rebecca Tun . Cambridge, UK . October 2012

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