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Rebecca Tun, August 2014, Nijmegen, Holland, © by EriktN

Rebecca at Fjaðrárgljúfur

more reminiscings by Dave Rudin on some of our past Icelandic adventures…

Figures of Grace

Nude, Iceland, 2014

My trip to England in July of this year was primarily to attend a week long language class, but while I was there, I took advantage of the opportunity to photograph some English models, too.
One of those was Rebecca Tun, who I had photographed for a couple of days during my trip to Iceland in 2014.  I’ve posted some photographs of her previously, and here are a few more of her at the canyon named Fjaðrárgljúfur.

I had been to this canyon on my trip to Iceland the year before, but I decided that it was worth exploring again with a camera.  The weather in 2013 was not very cooperative when I was there (as was the case for pretty much the whole trip), but things were better the second time around.

While I did not get to photograph in the bottom of the canyon…

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Mary Martin London Fashion Show – David Bowie tribute

A blog post by Elena Tun

We were beyond excited when we were invited to Mary Martin’s fashion show in tribute to David Bowie. We were also curious to see how she would pull it off; few pop and fashion icons are adored and revered as much as Bowie, so it is a difficult inspiration to live up to. Continue reading

well look at that…it appears I’ve got my mum on my ass (about this and that), but then again it’s probably just me projecting.
this is from Sept 2011 by © Colin Desir at a studio in Wokingham, London, UK
the photographs on me are some of mine. the camera i’m holding is not one of mine.

unpicking gender with the raw photography of jessica yatrofsky | read | i-D


this is a fantastic interview.

“It’s an impossible task to de-sexualise women. I think sexual identity is important for the self and I care about celebrating and honouring what resonates with how each subject chooses to express herself. I’m merely capturing and presenting a facet of women, what the viewer does with that information is her business!”

unpicking gender with the raw photography of jessica yatrofsky | read | i-D

first ever blog post: on beauty

I’ve been telling myself for nearly a year to start a blog, or – as I’m sometimes going to call it from now on – a blob, due to the proximity of g and b on a qwerty keyboard and a mistake made by me in the last 10 seconds. Continue reading