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Sardinian Adventure | Tim Pile

Tim Pile has written a blog post about our art nude photography adventures in Sardinia last summer, featuring precarious poses on fascinating rock formations at dawn and dusk and the crumbling remains of an eerie landslidden abandoned village.

Tim was kind enough to let me select and edit some of the images myself, so the results of the project are a combination of images edited by me and images edited by Tim.

Sardinian Adventure


(c) Tim Pile, Sardinia 2019 – edited by Rebecca Tun



(c) Tim Pile, Sardinia 2019



(c) Tim Pile, Sardinia 2019


dark pixie panther | Gerard Chillcott


Reposted from dark pixie panther @rebeccatun

There is no reason for fear. your death has already been chosen for you by powers quite beyond your control.


captured by the truly intrepid @gchillcott, February 2019
Sevenoaks, Kent

a perplexing projection of pearlescent patterns | Gerard Chillcott


Reposted from @rebeccatun

panther pixie predator can be pacified with a perplexing projection of pearlescent patterns


captured by @gchillcott, February 2019

Sevenoaks, Kent

…academics, acquaintances, activists, actors…

Looking through some of my old twitter threads and having been struck by a whim, I think I shall turn one of them into a blog post to enjoy it all over again.

Here’s one from the beginning of 2017 when I was getting more into Twitter and revelling in the variety (I like mixed herbs) of the people I found there, and was inspired to alliteration (always a sign of stimulation) in the form of this celebratory ode. It appears that I never quite finished it because the last few letters of the alphabet eluded me. Perhaps rolling it out again will breath new life into it.

As a suggestion, feel free to read this in a hollow, metallic, rhythmic chant with a southern US twang, like a solemn call to arms.

Perhaps you will see yourself represented in the list.

The muse strikes – I’m going to do a thread: alliteratively celebrating the weird beautiful diversity of the humans I follow on Twitter. 

…academics, acquaintances, activists, actors, adversaries, allies, alt-rights, anarchists, animators, antifeminists, artists…

..badass beauties, babes, bands, biographers, biologists, bitches, blockers, boffins, bots, brands, businesses, busybodies…

..call girls, campaigners, capitalists, cartoonists, coders, comedians, conservatives, creatives, critics, crossdressers…

…cam girls, calligraphers, collectors, columnists, commentators, companions, connoisseurs, courtesans, craftsmen, criminals…

…dancers, dank memes, daydreamers, debaters, debunkers, defenders, depressives, designers, developers, directors, dominatrices, doodlers…

…eccentrics, economists, eco-warriors, educators, eggs, egomaniacs, emos, empaths, encouragers, enbies, entertainers, enthusiasts…

…ENTPs, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, escorts, essayists, ethnologists, ethologists, exhibitionists, ex-muslims, extraverts…

…facepainters, faeries, family, fans, fashionistas, fathers, feminists, feminizers, femmes fatales, festivalgoers, fetishists…

…fictional characters, filmmakers, findoms, flirters, forest-dwellers, freelancers, free-speech advocates, free spirits, friends…

…galleries, game developers, gamers, gays, geeks, geniuses, gifmakers, glamour girls, goddesses, goths, greenies, gurls, gynophiles…

…hackers, hairstylists, healers, heathens, hedonists, heterodoxists, hipsters, historians, hobbits, hookers, housewives, humanists…

…iconoclasts, idealists, idols, illustrators, infidels, innovators, instagrammers, intersectionalists, interviewers, INTPs, introverts…

…Jedi knights, Jesus, jetsetters, jewellery makers, jezebels, jibers, jokers, journalists, joyriders, judgers, Jungians, justice warriors…

…Kath and Kim fans, kibitzers, kids, killjoys, kin, kinksters, kittens, knights, knockouts, knowledge-seekers, kooks, kvetches…

…lads, LARPies, leets, lesbians, LGBTQ, liberals, libertarians, libertines, librarians, linguists, logicians, loners, lunatics, lurkers…

…Machiavellians, MAGAs, makeup artists, maniacs, married couples, medievalists, mememakers, meritocrats, metalhead, MRAs, middle-aged men…

…millennials, mistresses, models, mothers, museums, muses, muse-seekers, musicians, mystics…

…narrators, naturists, nerds, neocons, neuroscientists, newbies, night owls, nihilists, nomads, nonprofits, novelists, nudists, nutters…

…observers, obsessives, offensive memes, oglers, online oligarchs, open-sourcers, opportunists, optimists, orators, outlaws, outsiders…

…painters, pansexuals, parodies, pedants, pedos, Pepes, performers, ppl w/ problem personalities, perverts, pessimists, philosophers…

…phonologists, photographers, physicists, poets, pornstars, princesses, procrastinators, professors, provocateurs, psychologists, pundits…

…queans, queens, queers, questioners, quibblers, quippers, Quixotes, quizzes, quotes…

…raconteurs, radicals, radio hosts, ramblers, people called Ranendranath, ranters, rationalists, reactionaries, rebels, reformers, reporters…

…remixers, retouchers, researchers, restorers, reviewers, revolutionaries, riggers, right-wingers, risk-takers, romantics, rope bunnies…

…sages, satirists, scatterbrains, scientists, sci-fiers, scoundrels, scriptwriters, seamstresses, secularists, self-proclaimed stereotypes…

…sexworkers, shitlords, singer-songwriters, sissies, SJWs, skeptics, smartasses, snapchatters, snowflakes, stalkers, stoners, storytellers…

…teachers, teenagers, theorists, therapists, thinktanks, thots, toyboys, tradeswomen, transboys+girls, translators, travellers, tree sprites…

…Ted Talkers, t-girls, theys, time-travelers, tokers, tramps, Trekkies, tricksters, trolls, truscum, twats, twinks, twitterbots, typomakers…

…underdogs, undergrads, undressers, unicorns, universities, unorthodoxists, unprofessionals, utilitarians…

…vagrants, vamps, vegans, video-gamers, videographers, Vikings, virtuosos, visual artists, vixens, vloggers, voice artists, voyeurs…

…wanderers, webcammers, web developers, WEIRDOS, whistleblowers, wikis, wishlisters, women’s rights activists, wordsmiths, writers…

gotta admit I’m struggling for words beginning with x


a 3D printed nude | entiresia

a 3D printed nude of me by artist entiresia created with digital software and based on a photograph by Lux Faber – 2017

A natural fallback position | Reykjavik, Iceland – 2013

A natural fallback position.

(c) Something for Windy | Reykjavik, Iceland – 2013

Reykjavik, Iceland – 2013.

Imported from my erstwhile Tumblr blog.

Photo by Something for Windy.

Tumblr will ban all adult content on December 17th

Tumblr will ban all adult content on December 17th →


this is for anyone who has been following me on Tumblr.

Hey everyone,

Tumblr is changing its policies about nudity and sexually explicit content. This means that many of my posts could be set to private, deleted, or my whole blog could be banned.

The internet was a different place when I started modelling. In many ways I think these waves of censorship are part of the inevitable cycle of things and we have to stay mobile. It’s more complicated than just sex-positive versus non-sex-positive. Apparently Tumblr has had to change its policy over a scandal about child pornography. I’m actually impressed it has managed to keep going for as long as it has.

I have tried to remain anti-fragile on teh webs by putting my eggs in many baskets. I’ve had to abandon ship before and no doubt will have to again in the future.

Here is a list of other platforms where you can currently (as of Dec 2018) find me.


Patreonbest way to support me right now. Meticulously curated special content for subscribers including fetish clips, behind-the-scenes glimpses, private nudes, exclusive photoshoots, digital erotic artwork, and possible video q+a sessions – if you earn it. Patreon is another example of a platform where I have to stay on my toes as it is under pressure from financial services to clamp down on adult content. Hence, my other account…

OnlyFans: the same content as Patreon, this is more robust in the long term as it is *meant* for sexy content. If you are trying to decide between the two, Patreon is much prettier and a labour of love for me, while OnlyFans is more like a backup but with the exact same content. If my Patreon account starts to sink I will inform my patrons straight away so they can jump ship.

PurplePortModelMayhem and other networking sites: these have always been the best ways to contact me for work. These are actual networking sites designed to help creatives collaborate. I seldom respond to shoot requests from general social media platforms (such as Tumblr) about working together. These specialised networking sites are more of a close-knit group and I am beginning to be more selective about which images I make public on such sites. Therefore unless you are a member of such networking sites the absolute best way to stay connected to my latest nude and adult content is via my Patreon or OnlyFans.
(Other networking sites include ModelSocietyModel-KarteiPortfora.)

Instagram and Facebook: safe-for-work, behind-the-scenes, silly selfies, announcements, and all that sort of stuff. I don’t currently censor (i.e. nipple-blurring etc) my pictures so the only work I share on Facebook and Instagram are already safe-for-work or if I’m re-sharing from the photographer who may already have censored the images.

Those are the main platforms where I upload and update new work.

Here are a few where you can find my modelling work shared by others:

Vimeovideos featuring Rebecca Tun

Youtubevideos featuring Rebecca Tun

DeviantArtpictures featuring Rebecca Tun

Flickrpictures featuring Rebecca Tun

500pxpictures featuring Rebecca Tun

I have been modelling for about a decade now – there is a lot to find! Good luck and happy browsing. And remember – the best way to stay connected to my latest nude and adult content is via my Patreon or OnlyFans.

Rebecca xx

Sisters in arms, Saxo von Hafnia | Berlin, 2014

Sisters in arms.

Rebecca and Elena by Saxo von Hafnia.

Imported from my erstwhile Tumblr blog.


Berlin 2014

An inspiring shoot (as always) with the brilliant Rebecca Tun

my lightsaber, Saxo von Hafnia | Copenhagen, 2013

She’s got a big pink weapon.

Imported from my erstwhile Tumblr blog.



An inspiring shoot with the brilliant Rebecca Tun http://www.modelmayhem.com/822673

Follow my original work at http://saxovonhafnia.tumblr.com

‘Vemod’ by sirlatrom | Copenhagen, 2013

When freefall is a resting state.

Imported from my erstwhile Tumblr blog.



Model: Rebecca @rebeccatun