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Zeitgeber starring Gestalta

During a sweeping visit back to Blighy in July 2013, I went to Wiltshire and experimented with taking video footage on a Canon 5DmkII with a Lensbaby Muse.  Consequently here’s a little atmospheric semi-narrative music video for my friend Eigenfrequenz’s song ‘Frequenz 18: Zeitgeber’, starring Gestalta as (according to my ad hoc analysis) a “romantic but morbid girl, a bit of a loner, lost in her own world and somewhat obsessed with death” floating around in the swelteringly hot rural English summer meadows thinking dark thoughts. Continue reading

some flies like a breath of fresh air

I made a fleeting visit back to Blighty in March, so I took the opportunity to take some new portraits of my original and perpetual muses, who provide one of the ideal types of modelling demeanour for me – i.e. no small degree of reluctance, mitigated by good humour.

(c) Rebecca Imogen Tun . Cambridge, UK . July 2013

(c) Rebecca Imogen Tun . Cambridge, UK . July 2013

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