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During my sweeping visit back to Blighy in July (2013) I went to Wiltshire and experimented with taking video footage on a Canon 5DmkII with a Lensbaby Muse.  Consequently here’s a little atmospheric semi-narrative music video for my friend Eigenfrequenz’s song ‘Frequenz 18: Zeitgeber’, starring Gestalta as (according to my ad hoc analysis) a “romantic but morbid girl, a bit of a loner, lost in her own world and somewhat obsessed with death” floating around in the swelteringly hot rural English summer meadows thinking dark thoughts.

“This may look whimsical… but I’m actually just expressing my obsession with death.”Gestalta

The song name, ‘Zeitgeber’, means ‘a rhythmically occurring natural phenomenon which acts as a cue in the regulation of the body’s circadian rhythms’.

I went on a road trip up North with my friends, to do a bit of landscape photography. In this context ‘up North’ means to the north-west of Iceland where the coastline is jiggledy jaggledy and so one finds peninsulae. I took these first two pics with a Lensbaby Muse, or as I like to say, my Lenschild Muse, because it can’t be a baby forever (though it is allowed to be a child forever). We stayed in a wooden hut and spent time in various bodies of very hot water, and I learned how to operate a camera without receiving sense data from my fingers.