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Rebecca and Gestalta languishing under a night sky

Rebecca and Gestalta languishing under a night sky

© Maxoperandi | October 2011
models Rebecca Tun and Gestalta
Rushden, UK

twin cheeks

I would simply like to make the following casual comparison observation regarding two different photo composites by different photographers at different times.

These are ‘Blue Moon’ by Max Operandi, 2012, and ‘Moon Worship’ by Thornback, 2014.

I suppose I’m happy to be typecast as the disembodied melancholy blue bottom.

Moon Worship

‘Moon Worship’ (c) Thornback, 2014

‘Blue Moon’ (c) Max Operandi, 2012

‘Blue Moon’ (c) Max Operandi, 2012

nude portrait of two legendary ladies
© Maxoperandi | 2010
Ivory Flame and Rebecca Tun
Rushden, UK