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Fabrice Martin with his painting of Nettie, a self portrait, and his recent painting of moi. ‘Tis an honour to bathe in the presence of fellow artists.

Rebecca Tun – Paris, 2014.


Maleficient (2015) oil painting on canvas.

Model : Rebecca Tun

C’est fini!
Even famous witches bathe at least twice a year, whether they need to or not…
oil painting on canvas by Fabrice Martin​, Paris 2015


Hi guys, I just ended a photoshoot with Rebecca Tun. I got a lot of interesting materials to work on, I will start the painting based on the pictures as soon as possible.

I worked with Fabrice Martin (fabricemartin) on my recent visit to Paris in December. He took photos in preparation for some new paintings. The photos look great, but they are secret! Watch this space for Fabrice’s paintings.