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flower power


Model: Rebecca Tun (http://rebeccatun.tumblr.com)

Photo: Eroticalia

December 2014

peace, love, daisies, armpit hair and all that stuff

© eroticalia | December 2014
model Rebecca Tun
Cardiff, UK

one of my favourite photographers humoured me in this little shoot of my own devising. once he understood what I wanted he threw all of his creative genius into the project and worked his unique magic…

© eroticalia | December 2014
model: Rebecca Tun
featuring Benny
Cardiff, UK

or ‘sexual content’. what about bums?

© eroticalia . London, UK . Aug 2011

common and quite understandable misunderstandings about bums?

© eroticalia . London, UK . Aug 2011

“Rebecca receives a nice surprise in the mail.”
…these just in! I’m excited to announce that have a zillion new edits from a fantastic shoot back in 2011 in a sunlit apartment in London by my best photographer, eroticalia.
© eroticalia . London . Aug 2011