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it is it

© Han Boersma | May 2014
model: Rebecca Tun
Arnhem, the Netherlands

pics from a polaroids book ‘Naked Woman’ – edited by Alan Marcheselli & Carmen Palermo


© Rebecca Tun | July 2015
model: Lulu Lockhart
Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland

shiva and shakti…
© Rebecca Tun | May 2015
model: R

“but the sea / 
does not change
 / and she goes forth out of hands and / 
she returns into hands” (from e. e. cummings)
© Rebecca Tun | May 2015
model: Adriana Cruceanu
London, UK

making a plaster cast bottom with sculptor Anna Weightman

As my recent fleeting visit to Blighty drew to a close, I had a whim – to suggest to my mother that we make a plaster cast of my rear end. For posterity, if you like. It was an experiment, and a success. It took three attempts. We learned a few things about plaster and bottoms. Anna Weightman generally works in clay to cast in bronze. This is her website.

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just a small note about a selfie

self portrait IV - in which the model takes a self-portrait

…this diptych has been getting some attention recently: “self portrait IV – in which the model takes a self-portrait” – one of the very few self-portraits I ever attempted. A number of people have asked me why I don’t do self portraits habitually, being both a model and a photog. The simple answer is I don’t really know how to point the camera in the right direction or focus correctly. I have seen some amazingly impressive, immaculately styled and conceptualized selfie projects by profesh models, and I think in future I will leave it to the experts. I’m pretty much the one person in the world whom I’m NOT in a good position to take a picture of, logistically speaking. I hope that answers the question.