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A natural fallback position | Reykjavik, Iceland – 2013

A natural fallback position.

(c) Something for Windy | Reykjavik, Iceland – 2013

Reykjavik, Iceland – 2013.

Imported from my erstwhile Tumblr blog.

Photo by Something for Windy.

down by the river


@rebeccatun down by the river

in the stream, Galway – June 2018
by Sean McCormack

Galway, June 2018


Had a great day with @rebeccatun yesterday. Last second set right at the end before she whisked away

Galway, June 2018

had a great shoot with Sean. he let me keep this lingerie set. ūüôā

flower power


Model: Rebecca Tun (http://rebeccatun.tumblr.com)

Photo: Eroticalia

December 2014



London, November 2015
by gyokko
model Rebecca Tun

‘3 of me’ – impeccable style choices
© stratographic | Sept 2014
Glasgow, UK