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Jury – PhotoShoot Awards

Due to my exquisitely fine tastes in art, I’m on the jury for the NUDE 2015 Photoshoot Awards. There are two months left to participate! (You have to pay though.) It’s a somewhat prestigious award and a good way to get your work noticed.

From the website:

Our NUDE 2015 jury is composed of international artists and professionals who have acquired a taste for creative images and photography. Their common vision will identify the best artistic photographs representing our criteria for this contest: emotion, beauty and freedom.

Rebecca Tun: Art Model, Germany

Rebecca is a freelance art model from the UK. She is currently based in Berlin and spends her time there organizing tours of Europe: “I’m going from place to place modeling for different photographers on a wide range of art projects in a lot of exotic locations. I’m obsessed with making pictures and I’m addicted to looking at them. I’m deeply motivated by imagination and creativity, but also very technical in my approach. My days revolve around images. In my spare time I take photographs and I make collages”. When she finishes modeling, Rebecca would like to stay in the world of images by becoming an editor or a curator.

(image: Anya Queloz 2013, Switzerland)

Jury – PhotoShoot Awards

narration of Suisse adventures January 2013

(c) art of dan . Amriswil, Switzerland. January 2013

(c) art of dan . Amriswil, Switzerland. January 2013

So these are some of the things I did on my Switzerland tour…

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