self-styled character portraits

funny…just saw that in 2014, I’d said that the reason I didn’t attempt a lot of self-portraits was because I was the one person that I was least in a position to take a photo of. (in just a small note about a selfie.) now, the (improvement and fine-tuning of the) selfie camera on phones has not only made this no longer the case, but it’s almost made the opposite true – at least concerning head and shoulders portraits. we may now be our own most accessible subjects.

i love seeing people modelling their own concepts and styling experiments through selfies. there’s an efficiency to it. you know that if you get what the model is trying to convey, you’re getting what the picture is supposed to be about.

i could say 2017 was the year i finally started modelling ‘for’ myself 😆. i greeted the year with a proliferation of self-styled character portraits that i’d been plotting to unleash, personae i couldn’t really explain or justify except by just going ahead and taking the pictures.

and the thing is, while these were just a joke for me – fun but superfluous, just think, then, how much more of a big deal it is when somebody unleashes a persona that’s actually important to them for people to see. think about cases where doing this was literally only made possible by a certain kind of information communication technology.

and don’t even get me started on apps and filters. that will be a fun topic for another blog post. that’s a whole new level of futurism, the kind of absurdity foreseen by David Foster Wallace in Infinite Jest, exciting early stages of the transhuman existence i hope we and our tools are headed towards…

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