Enigma’s music video for Sadeness (Part II)

“All your life /
You’ve been waiting to be free /
Trade your pride for ecstasy /
That’ll make you /
Reach the sky” – Sadeness (Part II)

Last August I acted in a music video for the band Enigma‘s new song Sadeness (Part II). The song was released in October.

What do you think? …I’ve noticed both the song and the music video have had mixed reactions from hardcore fans. I don’t know how to to talk about music, so I won’t say anything about the song. Some fans have asked if there’s a version of the video without pixelated-private-parts. Well I haven’t come across one. I guess I could start claiming that that’s actually just what I look like naked.

The story in the music video has two characters – a dark, brooding monk and a mysterious seductive woman. You’ll notice that I played the latter. At first the mysterious woman is a luring temptress.

The monk takes her to his decadent den of dark desires.

Now the woman is a prisoner.

There is some inevitable running away and chasing.

And an ultimate fight between good and evil.

And in the end, it turns out…well, I shouldn’t spoil it. So I guess you should just watch the video.

© 2016 Baloo Music S.A., under exclusive license to Polydor/Island, a division of Universal Music GmbH

Filming this with Mutter und Vater Productions in Berlin was great fun and an epic day of hard work. For one thing, it was the biggest effing studio I’d ever seen. Look at all the gear! 😩

Berlin, Germany: music video shoot with Mutter und Vater productions

we’re not gonna need a bigger studio

My lovely makeup artist was incredibly patient with me when my nostrils decided to rebel against the all-over facepaint look in the second half of the video. Having left the room for 5 minutes she came back to find that I’d sneezed half of it off. And continued to do so at frequent intervals for the rest of the day, so that she had to bring her equipment into the woods with us to be able to keep topping up the makeup.

Berlin, Germany: music video shoot with Mutter und Vater productions

beetle-eyed in Berlin, before all hell broke loose

I would say this was probably the biggest production I’ve been in so far, because there was a LOT of lunch. Yes. There were options. Likewise with the props and costumes. It were cool.

And here are some relevant links:

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 09.17.18

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