but the ablative of seeing the bridge

there was a sprawling, semi-underground, tarpaulin-covered, semi-man-made structure set upon a dramatically undulating terrian flowing with rapid bluish green river water that had many smooth boulders in its bed as was evident from the numerous humps that it swished over, spitting only slightly.
the structure was based on tall wooden stilts and consisted of swinging bridges, winding staircases and ramps. i was one of dozens of calm-tempered tourists walking single file around the structure. the clime and style of the place was Norwegian, i thought.
i was walking down a spiral staircase, filming with my phone. an old man, scruffy and silent with longish hair, walked with me to help me keep my balance as i only had one hand free. we went down onto a low platform in a slightly darker part of the structure in shadow from the ramps above – the water was more rumbly and roily here because of the more enclosed space. i filmed for a while, then turned and walked back up.
on the way back up the narrow steps i was with different people. several youngish (30s) men, one of whom i identified as a medium-famous mathematician due to three of the names he mentioned in the anecdote he was telling – three Norwegian names of men who had lived in the same college accommodation as him at university. i saw the accommodation in my mind and the staircase corridors had a not-unpleasant two-tone beige brocade-patterned wallpaper, which was actually the wallpaper from the apartment in some photos of me from a shoot in London in 2011. this was not the first time i had transposed in onto the staircase walls of an Oxbridge accommodation building. In the previous context I was photographing a model against this wallpaper in Oxford. I would not have recalled this occasion had the wallpaper not cropped up again here.

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