I’ve just returned from my grand 3-week UK tour. It was coo! 
Among other things, I’ve been a lascivious lion with luxurious long locks and a lady of leisure in London, wielded weird and wonderful wrenches in Walsall, clambered in the cold on a crumbling castle in Conwy whilst in the Welsh wilderness, stopped in Stockport to stand in the hallowed halls of Hallam Mill, morphed into a menacing military maiden and a magnificent monarch in Middlesbrough, skimmed the skirt of Scotland, gliding through Glasgow to gather the gossip and lingering in the languid light of lodges in Lothian, then swooped down south to hold helmets in Henfield, wayfared through waves to the Island of Wight where I flouted formalities on floating furniture, shimmied and splashed in the Somerset sands, wading in Weston and eventually evading an effervescent effigy on the bleak beaches of Bridgwater.
A big thank you to everyone who fed, clothed, housed and entertained me during my mini adventure.

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