making a plaster cast bottom with sculptor Anna Tun

As my recent fleeting visit to Blighty drew to a close, I had a whim – to suggest to my mother that we make a plaster cast of my rear end. For posterity, if you like. It was an experiment, and a success. It took three attempts. We learned a few things about plaster and bottoms. Anna Tun generally works in clay to cast in bronze. I’m in the early stages of putting together a new blog for her work.

Here we see Anna applying the plaster to my anatomy. I decided to adopt this uncomfortable diagonal position so that I could be horizontal enough for the gravitational purposes of the plaster, but vertical enough to minimize the gravitational consequences on the shape of my bum.

Cambridge, February 2014

Cambridge, February 2014


When the plaster had set, we carefully prized it off my entombed  rear, providing me with an unconventional ‘back, sack and crack’ treatment. I got out my tweezers and pruned the inverse plaster posterior. The next stage involved Anna layering the inverse posterior with soft soap and filling it with more plaster. When it was dry, the moment of truth had arrived and we bashed the concave bottom off the convex bottom, hoping it was intact. It was.

Another hour of increasingly fine chipping, chiselling and cracking chips out of my crack…

See the short video clip here: plaster cast bottom – final stages

Lastly, some sanding…and here we have it. We reached our desired end.

plaster cast bottom by Anna Tun | February 2014

plaster cast bottom by Anna Tun | February 2014

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