wouldn’t it be biscuity

(…which contained a mosquito against my laptop and made my picture froggy.)

“Hey, I thought of some alternate/diminutive forms for a ‘purple jesus’ contained between Sigourney Weaver and a McFlurry: ‘Spock in bed’, ‘lovechild of UK slugs’, ‘blobs’, or ‘the Red Sea’…”

“Does ‘blob’ mean ‘all the same properties as a wizard’? Is it actually a job position as well as a wizard?”

“You are skeptical towards religion, and have a pointless joke, but only because of science fiction.”

“But then what’s your role?”

“‘Tis a novelty. The whole town dressed as Santa yesterday. I should start a worldwide epidemic.”

“But you see, if, if you…”

“-but didn’t Jesus preach to the internet at the watering hole?”

“Ok, listening now.”

“Well this radio chat said: OK, apart from weird mammals whose females lay eggs…but on March 25th – how exciting! – the victim of an unidentifiable powerful emotion in London, straight from the tentacle monster’s point of logic, was looking like KitKat.”

“Well this is a party!”

“AND…I opened the freezer compartment of course. Now I caught my purse having intercourse with my posters and pictures. A few weeks later England caved in on prostitution or unlawful commercialized vice!”

“So…yay? Political preference aside.”

“No, they have a cup of cash. It’s a research rampage. We have now, a new Scientist exploring Amsterdam eating some poison.”

“Unless perhaps he actually started eating imaginary food after extensive empirical investigations in the world?”

“It’s a bit of Weltschmerz.”

“Burping *out* the minty vacuum actually is autistic. And those whose life’s mission is to forget the béarnaise sauce, were a bit disturbed.”

“Which is *not* the weirder thing i’ve ever eaten.”

Too much to deal with, and colourful language ensued.

That is all.

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