A snapshot of my first month in Berlin

Rumours of my disappearance have not been exaggerated. A couple of months ago I somewhat mysteriously vanished from Cambridge and to my own surprise migrated into Continental Europe. The short answer to the question why is ‘for fun’, but there’s also a longer back story involving – in a convoluted way – a handful of adventures in the Icelandic mountains, targeted advertising, and Wittgenstein. I’ll eventually tell this fascinating tale in a later instalment. For now, here’s a short video I put together in answer to the question ‘How’s Berlin?’ The music is by the Icelandic band Sykur.

Yep, there’s no denying it; my boyfriend and I are, de facto, those 20-something expat Künstler (see below for alternative spelling) who sit in cafes with their MacBooks wearing scarves, hanging out in abandoned warehouse basements with kids who knit, and contributing in our own helplessly irresponsible way to the gentrification of one more not quite formerly-east-of-the-Wall urban quarter. Imagine this. I’m a self-employed creative and my boyfriend runs a software startup – the embodiment of a stereotype if ever there was one. The inevitability with which my spontaneous free will led to participation in a well-known statistical trend, though totally unsurprising objectively, does give me a faintly strange sense of Oedipean paradox. So often you only learn that you’ve partaken in a trend, after the fact. Know what I mean?

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