one or two or three Christmas pics

Over the Christmas period I managed to dash outside into the cold with a suitable model in tow on a few occasions. Here are three of my winter portraits from the last couple of weeks.


Winter’s Soul

These pictures are of my youngest sister Esther in our garden. There was some winter sunlight in the late afternoon which I wanted to capture. I had some fun with my portrait lens photographing Esther indirectly with her little blurry face peeping softly from behind these crispy dead leaves and pods (I can’t rememer the name of the plant…). Esther is one of my most inspiring muses but she’s a terrible model, so in order to distract her enough to make her do something more reasonable with her face I asked her to count the pods – so that’s what she’s doing in this diptych.

Why do I feel anticipation…
 This is Hannah a.k.a. Gestalta, a brilliant girl I met at the Team Binkertson HQ for a pre-Christmas gathering. Some of the brave few who made it across England to rural Wiltshire on that snowy weekend when most traffic had ground to a halt, we stayed there till the following morning and Gestalta kindly froze in the snow so that I could take some portraits. I was really in the best part of the country for the snow that
weekend – a generous and clean layer of it covered everything – and then being cooped up for a couple of days in a house full of smart, beautiful and willing models, helpful photographers, some interesting costumes and a plethora of cameras and lenses…well, I have to say it made me a happy bunny.
This is my sister Kezia and her boyfriend Dave. We climbed over a fence into a field behind our garden. I didn’t have to ask them to do anything in particular – I just let them interact and then scooted around taking snaps from various angles. The plant on the left is called Honesty. As such it seemed like a good companion piece to this romantic portrait. I’ve overlaid both photos with an image of a blotchy window pane, which may or may not look like falling snow, but also puts everything behind a semi-transparent (or semi-opaque if you like) gauze, like the stuff stretched across the funny seed-pods on the Honesty plant. I wanted to go for a look that was both secure and warm, but also clear and transparent…like honesty.

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