at last, a naked girl

So far we’ve had child portraits and a nude male, but something tells me this blog might start to generate a bit more traffic after this post, because THIS time I’m blogging about a recent modelling shoot of mine, and the pictures are sexy! Hooray.

So, at the end of last month – my very last shoot of the summer before having to go back to pretending to be at university – I worked with Mark Fiddian for the second time. (By the way, I’ve used his studio for my photography more times than I can remember and it’s probably the best I’ve ever worked in.) Two years on from our first shoot, Mark contacted me to say that he wanted to try branching out into a new, sexier style of photography which was less passive and more avante-garde. As a model I’ve changed a lot too, since our first shoot when I was 19 and looked like this:

copyright Mark Fiddian 2008

I can definitely say that my style has become a bit raunchier since then. So the collaboration came at a good time. The work we produced ranged from edgy fashion-nude (Mark’s speciality) to fashionable erotica. So maybe two years ago I was a bit less weathered around the face and had some flesh on me, but what I’ve lost in marshmallowy perfection I’ve gained in passion and verve.

copyright Mark Fiddian 2010
copyright Mark Fiddian 2010

At one point Mark asked me if I’d brought any white knickers and I sadly replied that I hadn’t. Then, after we’d called it a day and started packing up, I started putting my clothes back on and Mark pointed and exclaimed “hey, what are those?”. “Erm…some white knickers”, I replied. I’d forgotten about them because they were the knickers I brought with me on my bum and not in my bag. Hooray for my inability to get dressed in private! So we popped back into the studio to do some last minute pics with the newly discovered panties, and they were far and away the best shots from the shoot by all accounts.

Bold and in-your-face….

copyright Mark Fiddian 2010

Sensual and flowing….

copyright Mark Fiddian 2010

What can I say about this one….ouch. But every model has to try it once.

copyright Mark Fiddian 2010

One thing that struck me most about this series is that, I think – though I’m happy to be proved wrong – they’re the sort of images that are at their purest and most excellent when produced by a male photographer who fancies women. I, for one, have tried taking photos in this style of posed glam-erotica, and all that happens is I get some pictures of a girl in some sort of provocative, symbolic “this means sex” pose wearing clothes that don’t make sense.

An internet chum of mine, Ted, was writing to me about my blog the other day and he made an interesting point. In the light of my claim that my work is informed by the pursuit of beauty, he said that the work of most male photographers of the nude female figure is informed by sex. I really like that use of the word ‘informed’ because while it seems dismissive to say that most male photographers’ nude work is about sex, it makes a lot of sense to me to say that it’s informed by sex, because what we’re like as photographers does have a lot to do with what we know and understand about the thing we’re photographing.

Male photographers aim to capture sex appeal because that’s how they relate to the female body, and that’s why images like Mark Fiddian’s glamour shots here are so appealing. They’re about being a man looking at a woman. On the other hand my pictures of the nude female are about what it’s like to be a woman (or a female child for that matter), and the movement of my hands as a photographer is driven by empathy. That would explain why I feel more restricted, more technical and less emotional, in my approach to photographing the male nude – because I have to rely more exclusively on “do I like the look of this?” rather than transporting myself into the model’s body.

Ah, I know that  nice, liberal, forward-thinking people are no longer supposed to start sentences with “Men are like this…”, “Women are like that…”, and there are two reasons for this: firstly because there aren’t supposed to be the sorts of extreme differences that were fashionable 20 years ago, and secondly because people like to get pernickety about generalisations of the form ‘x’s are F’. For these two offenses I don’t apologise but I do say “lol, soz! :p”.

By the way, ‘apologise’ is an interesting word. In contexts like ‘Christian apologetics’ where it means explaining and defending your views, it almost means the opposite of saying sorry! You could talk about an ‘unapologetic apologetic’. But I can nevertheless see how it came to mean saying sorry, because there’s sorry in the sense of regret, as in “I’m sorry you’re ill”, and sorry as in admitting you were either bad or remiss, as in “I’m sorry I bit your arm” or “I’m sorry I lost your hat”. When you explain and defend a viewpoint to someone who disagrees, you might well say “Sorry, but…”, where the ‘sorry’ means “I regret that we disagree”. And there the old sense of ‘to apologise’ would apply. However, often when we say sorry to people even when we know we probably havedone something wrong, we still try to defend our position, as in “I’m sorry I lost your hat but I had to chase the ice-cream van”. Notice the ‘but’. Because it resembles the ‘apologetic’ situation in this way, you can extend the word ‘apologise’ to situations like this. And that must be how it gradually came to mean ‘being sorry’ in the full sense of admitting you were wrong. So now, while ‘apologetics’ still means the art of defending your beliefs, you can now hear things like “don’t apologise for what you believe”!

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8 responses to “at last, a naked girl

  • the fallen angel social club

    an interesting post Ms Tun .. and I may burn in hell for sharing your heretical views …..hope to see you again soonish~simon

  • Rebecca Tun

    :)i'll do some more modelling for you if you let me look through all our pics from our last two shoots and choose some faves for you or me to edit! i haven't forgotten all the many wonderful sets we did, some of which i have never set eyes upon! 😛

  • the fallen angel social club

    youve had all the ones that worked and a handful of those that didnt !!!!

  • Bruce

    When you said 'Christian apologetics', you sounded like you have an evangelical background. Other people don't use that phrase. I'm a Christian, and my art is informed by an interest in the nude. As a guy, I like sex, yes; but as an artist and intellectual, it's difficult to be sucked up in a dominated-by-sex frame of mind. I found the blog here by following you from RB. What you said about having a too-formal tone to your nudes strikes me as being true here as well. Not on the surface, for sure, but in spirit. Such as in your most provocative one above, your comment was "every model has to try it once," rather than "OMYG-D THAT'S SO HOT!" But the dividing line might not be male/female/interested in men/interested in women; but between a love of beauty and elegant form versus titillation & arousal, or transcendence versus passion. Fine artists are able to learn how to become arousing (they call it slumming); and pornographers can learn how to love beauty and elegant form, which seems to be the case of the Victoria Secret photographers.Best regards, B.

  • davy

    any updates to your blog coming?

  • stephen erik schirle

    nice work, interesting read. cheers

  • Richard Arte Digital

    Interesting point of view as well as interesting view! Not only your body depicts eroticism in the pics, your eyes are very expressive and "speak" for themselves! Great modeling job and great shoots!

  • ClickMore

    Although erotic in style there is still a gentle femininity which comes through.

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